We KNOW we’re biased, but we believe we have the very best neighborhood with the very best neighborhood association anywhere. To say we’re unique, would be an understatement.

We’re the first neighborhood association formed in the city of West Allis, Wisconsin. (Wisconsin’s 7th largest city)

Our purpose is to enhance life, develop a strong community spirit, and improve safety through networking, creativity, and neighborhood activities.

Our organization is comprised entirely of volunteers. To clarify, this association is NOT a “homeowners association”.

The Rainbow Gardens Neighborhood consists of approximately 1,350 homes and 50 businesses. We have two wonderful schools in our neighborhood, one of them, Walker Elementary School was one of only 8 schools in Wisconsin to be named a “National Blue Ribbon School” award!

Membership in the Rainbow Gardens Neighborhood Association (RGNA) is ONLY available to those who currently reside or own businesses within the boundaries of our neighborhood.

Rainbow Gardens is geographically defined by South 108th Street to the east, South 124th Street to the west, West Greenfield Avenue to the south, and I-94 to the north.

We formed in the fall of 2014.

To give you an idea of the kind of activities, events, interactions, and services we produce, here is our list of accomplishments for during our very first year:


  • We wrote, and adopted our organizations bylaws, elected a Board of Directors and Officers. We became officially sanctioned by the City of West Allis.Several General Membership Meetings and a bunch of Board Meetings were held.


  • We set up private, secure “neighborhood only” communications systems.


  • We had a float and paraders in the West Allis Christmas Parade, both in 2014 and 2015


  • We attempted to construct an ice skating rink in the park. It failed last year due to topographical considerations, but will succeed this winter.


  • A Neighborhood Weight Loss Contest


  • An Easter Egg Hunt in Rainbow Park


  • A Spring Neighborhood Cleanup that including Rainbow Park


  • We launched the “World’s Largest Rummage Sale” piggybacking on the already established Walker Elementary School Annual Rummage Sale. It encompassed the entire Rainbow Gardens neighborhood. BE SURE TO put the FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY on your calendar for the next one!


  • A very cool Family Campout in Rainbow Park that included a cookout, s’mores, live entertainment, haywagon rides, and movies on a big screen.


  • Our 2015 Fall Neighborhood Gathering & Business Expo at Walker Elementary School was an awesome success. Kids crafts, face painting, food, popcorn, coffee & hot chocolate, a Fire Truck, a Police Car, neighborhood businesses strutting their stuff, and best of all . . . hangin’ out with your friendly neighbors. Our Fall Neighborhood Gathering in 2014 was our very first event ever!


  • We launched the Rainbow Gardens Nighttime Halloween Trick or Treat. This was the first nighttime Trick or Treat in many years.


  • Our Fall Neighborhood Cleanup that including Rainbow Park helped prepare our neighborhood for the coming winter.


  • The annual Rainbow Gardens Haywagon Food Drive was a HUGE success with over 2,000 pounds of food for our neighborhood food pantry collected.


  • Very quietly, several miscellaneous charitable efforts were conducted.


  • “Thirsty Third Thursday” events at the Brass Monkey was launched and continues to be a monthly event.


  • A Neighborhood-wide Christmas Caroling night was super fun.


  • Many of the above events were enhanced or facilitated by our resident Tractor & Haywagon, courtesy of our local legend, “Tractor Dick” !

    Melissa Gravelle presents "Tractor Dick" Ziolecki with our very 1st "Volunteer of the Year" award for 2015!
    Melissa Gravelle presents “Tractor Dick” Ziolecki with our very 1st “Volunteer of the Year” award for 2015!


  • We have begun a Rainbow Gardens Business Directory promoting businesses within our neighborhood as well as those who own businesses elsewhere but reside in our neighborhood.


  • We have also begun a listing of neighborhood babysitters. (see the Rainbow Gardens Business Directory for information)


  • We have formed an instantaneous neighborhood-wide Crime Watch network that is proving to be very effective.


  • Finally, this website, with our own domain name, puts the cap on our first year. It is just a start, and we are just getting started!